NOTE: Moved to https://github.com/vapier/pcalc

Programmer's calculator, command line utility.

There was always a loophole when it came to a need to covert between hexadecimal / decimal / octal / binary.

Especially if it involved an operation like 0x1234 + 0x20 It took a lot of hard work, and mostly a good pocket calculator.

Main features:

You can download pcalc at the releases page.

You can also fetch the latest code out of GIT. Or browse the online GIT via gitweb.

Got a bug? You can file issues using the issue tracker.

The original author can be contacted at petergl@ix.netcom.com.

$ pcalc 0x1234 + 0x20
        4692            0x1254          0y1001001010100
$ pcalc 0x1234 % 0x20
        20              0x14            0y10100
$ _

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